Gym at 6 AM

My excuse of lack of time to exercise is over, now I go to the gym at 6 am. I feel refreshed and much more ready to face the day.

I work almost every day of the week, and I ended up leaving my basic needs aside, thinking that would not account for everything. And one of them was to stop exercising because I had time to go to the hairdresser every two months for four hours but did not find time to exercise. Dai cut my hair, changed her hair color and focused on what matters in my welfare and my health. Yes a moment I I I for a change. Last year I abused and I gained more, not that I was thin (on the contrary), but one of the causes was to have dropped any form of exercise.

I tried gym at lunch, it was a horrible run, with the exception of pilates that was next to the job, nothing worked. For he returned breathlessly to the office, super late and to concentrate lingered. Not to mention that he paid considerable money for the gym and almost was not.

At the end of the day I have no energy, because my focus is my daughter, and I want to spend my strength with her, playing, talking, doing what has to be done bath, dining, etc., and then she goes to bed, not I have no desire to move me anywhere.

I found a Pilates studio and one spinning, which are separate but in the same building and close to home. Both instead of tuition, classes they sell, you buy 10 classes and can use for 3 months. That economy started to do, because only lose the lessons to mark and does not appear, or clear with less than 24 hours in advance. Morning classes never fill, so I mark early in the morning before you leave, or the night before.

Nothing optimizing time, there are people who know and can always, but I am slow in this regard. On the other hand this was the way I found to get my ‘me time’ without compromising anything as 6 am everyone sleeps in the house. My day yields more and the days homework 7 am I’m back, and time to prepare the coffee and everything.

Now I walk looking for the lack of apology to the diet, because any day Rachel will not atendar me more because I be the worst customer for sure. But trying to follow and slowly walking, one thing, one step at a time.

Choosing A Stainless Steel Rice Cooker for My Family

Traditional cooking of rice has been long gone I think since the dark ages. People became very smart and clever, and cool inventions were made for the main purpose of making our lives easier. There are cars to bring us faster to where we want to go. There are coffee machines to have the machine make coffee for us. There are rice cookers that cook rice faster than cooking it naturally. There are many others that do things instantly for us.


I’ve been personally very dependent with rice cookers, but all this time I’ve been using the wrong rice one. Before, non-stick cookware was very popular to everyone. Little did we know the disadvantages that we get from using those kinds of equipment in our houses. It is said that non-stick or teflon-coated rice cooker can harm our health. It has a waxy material that is so slippery that’s why the food doesn’t stick to it, but when it is scratched by a spoon, fork or knife, it can go to the rice that we serve to our family members and can certainly be a health hazard in the long term

On the contrary, stainless steel doesn’t react to the rice or any food that is in contact with its surface. My friends told me that it’s essential to read rice cooker reviews by experts to choose a good stainless steel rice cooker. Afraid as I was, I immediately went and bought one. One of the things I like about having a good stainless steel inner pot rice cooker is that it’s very easy to clean. I don’t have to worry if I scratch the inner pot because it doesn’t have teflon and it’s stainless. Price is a bit higher than the others but I strongly believe I got a good catch because of the long term benefits I can get from it. I got the one with a steamer tray and I always use it for steaming vegetables. Since I started using it, I also stopped worrying about the harmful effects it can give.

Japanese knife sets have made cooking something to look forward to

Cooking is a big chore, rather chopping vegetables. If you have used some of the blunt knives that I have used over the years you would know that cooking becomes something you dread. My husband’s office decided to send him to Japan for purchasing some machinery. I accompanied him. While he was at work, I was guided by some local people whom the company knew. They suggested I buy some knife sets. The variety was astounding but all I needed was a single or at the best a couple of knives, isn’t it? I chose not to buy on the first day because as tourists you do exercise that caution. I did not want another set of blunt knives in my home for sure. That evening I searched for best Japanese knife sets on my husband’s laptop. The names were so funny. I was barely able to pronounce Kikuichi, Shun, Takeda Gyuto, JCK Masamoto Gyuto, etc. Ichimonji TKC was perhaps the only one that seemed easy in that list.


Do you pronounce Shun like you do in English or Shoon? That was the kind of dilemma I was facing. But the guide provided by our host was very accommodating. He patiently heard me out, which meant me telling him, look I can’t afford much. I did not come here prepared to buy many knives, and I am not carrying too many dollars. However, I want something for chopping vegetables and meat, as well cutting slices of bread. Eventually, he guided me to Hattori knives, which I instinctively knew were expensive.

Nevertheless, I could not decline having a look at them. These are indeed high end knives as I suspected. But you would be surprised at the perfection. The handles are just of the right size, and so is the blade. The blade does look perfect but so do blades of many knives back home. They’d, however, studied how the knives are held for cutting different foods and accordingly the pressure needs to be applied on different parts of the blade. Such attention to details is truly impressive. The salesperson in the shop greeted me with Japanese way of courtesy and went on to extol the virtues of these knives. I had made up my mind that I would not be spending more than $300 on a thing called knife, that too Japanese knife. I wouldn’t be able to sue them, would I? So I went for the cheapest of them. (Related:

A few days later we were on our flight to home, with my single knife neatly packed. A gift was given to my husband and well, it was not allowed in the craft. Back home, when I opened it, I was shocked that it contained six Hattori knives. I have never felt so much job in cutting vegetables. I again checked the net for details about this knife. The set is, indeed, very expensive. What more, this set is for life long, i.e., its cobalt steel blade will never lose its sharpness. What more can you ask for from any knife?

Pineapple Chili Marinade

Pineapple Chili Marinade
(Great on Pork Ribs)
pork ribs
½ cup crushed pineapple
½ cup pineapple juice
¼ cup fresh lime
2 tablespoons light soy sauce
¼ cup chopped cilantro
Salt to taste
1/3 cup white wine
1/3 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons chili powder
2 tablespoons diced jalapeno peppers
¼ cup chopped red onion

Marinate ribs overnight. Smoke ribs. Put marinade in a saucepan, bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer 5 minutes. Use sauce for dipping.

The Chronicles of My New Air Mattress

OK, I finally broke up with my non committal boyfriend. The upside? I lost 180 pounds of useless weight. The downside? I also lost all of my furniture, including my beloved bed. So what is a girl to do?

I would no longer be splitting the rent and utilities, and I found my new furniture budget sorely lacking. I came to the realization that I was going to have to be one of those plebeians who snooze on an air mattress until I could get my ducks back in a row.
I had slept on air mattresses a few times before, once while camping, and in a few friend’s guest rooms, and was not impressed. Besides being downright uncomfortable, they slowly lost air during the night, and I woke to find that I was basically sleeping on the floor!

I decided to try a few stores that sold camping supplies. I asked the sales people lots of questions. How hard is it to inflate? Will it withstand anyone weighing more than a toddler without losing most of it’s air? Does it come in Queen size? My bedding is queen size, and besides, I refuse to regress to my childhood by sleeping on a twin.

After purchasing, then returning, six different brands, I came across what I was told is the best air bed for everyday use. The Insta Bed raised queen bed. The pump is inside the mattress, and you can set it to one of three different settings, firm, medium, or plush. It also has what is called a never flat pump. You just plug that little sucker in, and it perfectly maintains your desired setting using sensors. When the sensors detect air escaping, it automatically turns on the pump! I should also note that the pump is so quiet, you can’t even hear it when it is on.

But is it comfortable, you may ask? I know I would. This pedestal, as I like to call it, actually has coils inside, which gives it the feel of a real bed. It is raised, 18″, so you don’t feel like you are eye level with the loop pile carpeting.

At about a hundred dollars, it’s not the cheapest air mattress, but it is definitely in my opinion, the best. Now, if I could just find an Insta air dining room set.

The importance of a vegetable masticating juicer to us


We wanted a vegetable masticating juicer for our juice ‘fix’ every morning. We are a committed ‘go green’ family, each and every member, even my little son! Other than food preferences, we also like to leave as little a stamp as possible on the environment, whether that be through using cars with better emission control or avoiding paper prints where soft copies can serve the purpose equally well. We avoid meat, especially of the red variety, and prefer leafy vegetables instead, be that as juice, soups, curries, or broths. Since vegetables are so important for us, especially during our morning breakfast, we wanted one of the top juicing machines to buy that would last us very long and would serve its purpose of juicing with silent and dependable efficiency.

We knew that the vegetable masticating juicer would leave the pulp absolutely ‘bone dry.’ That was because it would be able to extract the last drop of juice from the vegetable and leave not even a single droplet of water trapped within its body behind. Our kitchen is also quite small, 15×30′, especially for a family like ours with three adult members. In fact our dining space is outside the kitchen area, and is basically an extension of the living room. We were thus also looking for a vertical masticating juicer that would occupy less space, unlike the horizontal ones. It needed to have an inbuilt homogenizer, and could also be broken down into easily assembled pieces that could be washed in dishwashers easily.

Of course, the most important thing we were looking for in a machine was its efficient masticating process that could work relatively silently. The chopping of food or the press-down with the auger to process it through a strainer needed to be super-efficient without leaving a single drop of juice behind. We would need a twin-gear juicer that was real slow to prevent oxidation and consequent foam build up in the glass! After all, who wants a white mustache of foam after every drink from the glass!

We got all that and more in the juicer that we finally bought! It was a twin-blade beauty having brushed stainless steel finish. In fact, it adds to the decor of our kitchen countertop with its elegant and refined styling, and simply blends in with our other cookware. The best thing is it leaves an absolutely dry pulp every time. We are thus assured that not a single piece of nutrient has been left behind in the vegetable that we have chosen to juice that morning. It doesn’t form a foam either, so we are relieved to know that we are not drinking stuff that has oxygenated and frothed! We are absolutely sure that we have the best vegetable masticating juicer which is one of the top juicing machines to buy in the market today! That awareness happens each time we drink our glass of nutrient-packed and vitamin-rich juice in the morning with breakfast!

Have you ever read those espresso machine reviews?

I was searching for a nice carpet online for our home, and one thing led to another. I ended up reading these espresso machine reviews 2016! Let me tell you I have no plans to buy one. I already have a very good espresso machine. Nevertheless, here I was reading through those reviews, as if they mattered. To tell you the truth I was also feeling a bit elated at the thought that my espresso machine did not have all those faults and flaws that were mentioned by disgruntled customers under different brands and models of espresso machines.

drink -espresso

Some of the reviews were rather amusing. These customers were exhibiting brand loyalty just like people show loyalty towards political parties. I do not agree with the concept that if the product is branded, it has to be good. I have had bad experiences with branded as well as non-branded products in my life. These experiences have taught me one thing. Everything depends upon how you select your espresso machine or for that matter any product. I guess, I got lucky with many of my gadgets that I ordered online. I believe that most of the time, ordering online is a risky proposition, because you cannot check many things for yourself, and compare with other products. I do keep these reviews in mind when I go for shopping, and even check the recommended product but I am also open to checking other products of similar description branded or not. You may find it difficult to believe, but my best mixer grinder came from an industrial exhibition, where they allowed me to try grinding in many different models of a relatively unknown brand of such appliances at the time. Effectively, I am one of the persons who gave a break to that new entrant in mixer grinder market. My personal advise would be don’t just order online by reading through those customer reviews. Take time out, and visit some shops and verify for yourself if those claims about espresso machines or other appliances are indeed true. Even if those claims are true, but you might still find something better.

A Surprise on Senior Citizen Day!

August 21 is not just an ordinary day. In fact, it’s Senior Citizen Day! Because of that, my mom, dad and I surprised granny and gramps. We have decided to visit their place in Schenectady, New York (about a 3-hour drive) to celebrate! Lately, we fail to visit them on a regular basis, like how we used to, because mom and dad are busy with their business while I, on the other hand, am busy with school works. So because we wanted to make them feel special, we thought that it would be a great surprise to visit them. I called granny first thing in the morning to greet her and asked if they will celebrate today. But since gramps was not feeling well because of his arthritis, she said they will be staying home all day and will just roast a turkey (oh, my favorite!). Okay, poor gramps but that gave us the perfect timing to come up with a surprise that they’d surely appreciate.


On our way, mom wanted to give them something special so we dropped by to a Target store to look for a gift. We were not sure what to buy, but the saleslady suggested a good cookware set made of cast iron. The set includes wok, Panini presser, crepe maker, griddle, and 2 frying pans. I browsed the internet to check for some good cookware set reviews to confirm if these are really the best among the other sets in the store. When I found out some really good reviews (which sound legitimate by the way), dad immediately paid for them.

Drove for another hour, we arrived safe and sound. I got off 2 houses away from their house to make it more exciting. When I was at the porch, oh God! The turkey smelled so delicious – it made me drool, literally! Haha! So I immediately knocked and my sweet-looking granny opened the door, still with her apron on. I still remember how shocked she was when she saw me. She gave me a warm embrace and looked outside where mom and dad were standing with smiles on their faces.

Okay, it was really emotional. I really love surprises! Mom handed granny her new cast iron cookware set and I saw a tear escaped from her eyes. I am so glad we made them feel special and loved.

Well, whether it’s Senior Citizen Day or not, it is indeed important to make our grandparents happy, all the time. Not just through gifts but with love and affection. They are old, we do not know when they will leave us, so make sure that you have made them feel special even on your littlest ways.

More on cast iron cookware –

Own personal office in the comforts of the home


There was a lot of news and advertisement about a virtual office set-up and a keenness to find what it was all about made me look at a success story. People from USA are known to be working from home for years and they seem to be making quite a fortune. But, the story that caught my attention was a lady from Nogaya, who decided to take her hobby on to become a business- by selling the home made decorations online. These decorations sold like hot cakes during Christmas as new improved decorative objects were made available to the Americans.

There must have been quite a thought behind setting up that virtual office Nagoya. But, come to think of it- is it actually hard to get work started from where you are located? Don’t think so. The need for so many traditional things, language, cooking styles makes it a huge business opportunity that needs no huge investments.

Look here, all you need is a secure location and an expertise that is in demand. Like the demand to learn foreign language has increased overtime. Japanese tutor online must invest just a few hours and get good pay in return. Most people are interest in travel and location details that becomes another good opportunity to write about your place and country- in form of blogging, articles or any promotional content for any particular location. The readers are interested in any piece of information as far as they get hold of context that is accurate and helpful. The list doesn’t end here; there are ample opportunities that can be converted either in a part time job or a full time business if you are interested and focused. But make sure that the required work space, time and expertise is available though.

Sewing Machines for Beginners

Sewing machines are used in the modern world in more applications compared to the traditional use of stitching clothes. Most people are getting into the textile industry and this requires them to have background knowledge of using these machines in more than one way.

Any willing person can learn how to use a sewing machine especially if they get the right one for the intended job. My favorite one is the embroidery machine which is used to decorate fabrics used in art and theater halls as well as for household uses. The reason why I treasure this machine is because of it’s ability to transform blank and boring fabrics to more beautiful pieces. These can be customized according to the clients needs.
When needed for domestic use, a small embroidery sewing machine can be obtained and this comes in two forms, manual or automatic. The manual machine requires the user to set up everything by hand and this can be tiring and time consuming. This machine is however cheaper compared to the automatic one which is programmed and the user is only required to select a combination of the required designs.

When looking for a machine to purchase, it is important to go through the beginner sewing machines reviews to obtain ratings for different types and get the best prices available in the market. This will also help in identifying various challenges associated with different brands enabling the buyer to do a cost benefit analysis and select a product that fits their needs and budget.

For a beginner, it is always best to take time and read the instruction manual before engaging in any major work. It is advisable to have trials and learn through experience. Embroidery sewing machines are the best option to any person who has passion for creativity in the textile industry.